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Why Rosewater Needs to be Apart of Your Routine

If you’re into beauty, we’re sure you have a shelf full of the latest products and keep up with all the Youtube tutorials that teach you how to keep your skin glowing.

However, we’re sure there’s one simple product you’re missing when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated, smooth, and glowing. No worries, we’re letting you in on a beauty secret that’s lightweight and has multiple uses when it comes to your beauty routine.

Two words: Rose water -- it can be described as a beauty powerhouse and has everything you need when it comes to cleansing and toning your skin. The rest of the world is finally catching up to an ancient Middle Eastern and Egyptian practice and it’s taken the beauty world by storm.


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What is rose water?

This simple yet powerful product is made by soaking rose petals into the water and allowing the natural vitamins and minerals from the plant to infuse into the water, which helps to create flawless skin. The rose petals are packed with active ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Calcium, and Vitamin D to help heal scars, cuts, and restore damaged skin tissues.

Rose water hydrates and smoothes your skin and is packed with antioxidants that eliminate all the dirt your skin is exposed to daily. Unlike other skincare sprays and remedies, rose water doesn’t contain chemicals or harmful ingredients that work against your skin. Rosewater is a ‘one size fits all’ product and works on all skin types: oily, dry, and combination.


It’s all about the benefits



Rosewater doesn’t just smell good, it’s packed with antioxidants that work to protect your skin from UV rays, pollution, and stress. If you suffer from acne or skin conditions like eczema, you definitely need this product! Rose water is packed with Vitamin E which acts as an anti inflammatory property and helps soothe and reduce skin redness as well as skin flaring.

Did we mention it helps with acne? No one enjoys pimples appearing on their face, especially at the most inconvenient times. Rose water removes the excess oil and dirt buildup from your face and curbs acne-causing bacteria.


A multifaceted product

Unlike other beauty products that claim to ‘do it all’, rose water is a beauty product that you can use during any step of your routine. If you’re not using it to hydrate your skin, you can use it as a toner. After washing your face, take a few sprays of rose water and remove any additional oils or makeup that may be left over. 

There are myths that toners dry out your skin but this isn’t true when you use products that are made up of natural substances -- like rose water.

Another use for rosewater is using it to set your makeup. That’s right, if you’re out of your favorite high end makeup setting spray, you can use rose water to finish your look. It works to keep your skin hydrated while simultaneously giving your makeup a flawless finish. Simply mist it over your face and let it dry.


So simple, you can DIY!


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You can try out different store brands or create your own rosewater at home. The ingredients are simple and the process can help boost your mood! All you’ll need is organic dried rose petals, water, a saucepan with a lid, nut bag, and a dark spray bottle.

Here’s how to make it happen: 

  1. Measure ¼ cup of dried rose petals into your saucepan

  2. Add 1 ½ cups of water to the saucepan and place the lid on and let the water boil

  3. Reduce the temperature and let the water simmer, simmer until the color of the rose petals have faded. [This takes about 5-10 minutes]

  4. Once you let the water cool, grab your nut milk strainer bag and pour the water and petals through the nut milk strainer bag into your spray bottle -- you can also use a funnel

  5. Store your bottle in the refrigerator for a few weeks or you can store the bottle on a counter for at least a week.

Simple, right? Will you be making your own rose water or trying a brand’s? Let us know what your results are in the comments below or on our social media.


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